An Evening of Wonder at Medieval Times


Huzzah and welcome to Medieval Times!

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom


Prepare to be transported to another time of chivalry and honor inside the castle at Medieval Times.

Your whole family will love spending the evening with princesses and knights. Whether it’s for a special event or an evening out, it’s the perfect way to lose yourself in the magic of the castle. We watched a little boy being knighted for his 8th birthday and chatted with a falcon trainer.

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

My kids were talking about this night for weeks. We have been studying Medieval Times as a family, reading through some Magic Treehouse books and the (fabulous) book A Medieval Feast. So my kids were even more excited when stepped through the doors and they got to put on their black and white crowns.

What to Expect at Medieval Times

Doors open 75 minutes before show time and your seats are assigned first-come, first-served.

When you enter the castle, you’ll get crowns in your knight’s color. You’ll have the opportunity to take pictures with a knight or a princess.

Then you walk into the lobby, where you can purchase a souvenir, belly up to the bar, or walk around and take in the sights. Don’t miss seeing the horses up close – they are truly beautiful.

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

About 20 minutes before showtime, you will be escorted into the arena by color. Once inside the area, you find your seat and your server arrives to give you some instructions for the evening.

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

Then you’ll enjoy your Medieval feast! But parents might want to note – there was no silverware in the Middle Ages, so there’s no silverware here. They also serve Water, Tea, or Pepsi, so plan ahead if you need something else for the littlest Lords and Ladies.

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

This was a brand new show we had never seen before and it was really wonderful. I don’t want to spoil too much, but there was action, intrigue, and excitement – totally captivating!

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

Our family loved this evening of entertainment and fun and we can’t wait to visit Medieval Times Dallas again!

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

Experience the New Show

Is your house filled with little Lords and Ladies of the royal court? Do they like to eat with their hands at the dinner table? Medieval Times is the perfect place to take your family back to the Middle Ages for an incredible night of epic battles and delicious food.

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

Tickets: 40% OFF Adults / 20% OFF Kids

For the first time in Medieval Times’ 35-year history, a Queen has taken the throne. Her Majesty Dona Maria Isabella presides over a tournament of knights who gather in celebration to test their skill against one another in a series of games, jousting, and combat.

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

The new story brings a series of changes to the show including new costumes, custom-designed and handmade armor, fight scenes, and musical score composed by Dr. Daniel May, who directed and recorded the composition in Kiev with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. Be among the first to experience the debut of our new show.

Medieval Times Winter - The Dallas Mom

Go to and enter PROMO code RF4020 at checkout.

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom


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