Winter at Medieval Times


“Lords and Ladies, we welcome you to Medieval Times!” Huzzah!

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2

From the moment we stepped over the drawbridge into the castle at Medieval Times Dallas, we were transported to another era.

Medieval Times - The Dallas MomFull of Kings and Queens, Knights and Princesses, this magical castle is the perfect setting for some fabulous family-friendly entertainment.

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 9

When you walk into the castle, your family will receive your seating assignment and get the opportunity to take a picture with a knight. Then you walk into the lobby, where you can purchase a souvenir, belly up to the bar, or take pictures with some of the Knights from the show (or even a falcon!).

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom

About 20 minutes before showtime, you will be escorted into the arena by color. Once inside the area, you find your seat and your server arrives to give you some instructions for the evening.

Before long, the show begins and servers start bringing out course after course of a delicious medieval feast. The horses and falcon show off their tricks during dinner and are truly magnificent. After dinner, the real magic begins. A knight arrives to fight for the Princesses’ hand in marriage spurring on a contest of riding, jousting, and sword fighting.

The whole evening is very fast paced and exciting. It is so high energy and by the time a winner is crowned, you feel like you have been truly transported back to Medieval Times.

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 7

Our family loved this evening of entertainment and fun and we can’t wait to visit Medieval Times Dallas again!

Winter at Medieval Times

Is your house filled with little Lords and Ladies of the royal court? Do they like to eat with their hands at the dinner table? Medieval Times is the perfect place to take your family back to the Middle Ages for an incredible night of epic battles and delicious food.

Visit this page for more information and to get tickets to the tournament!

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom



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