Weekly Swimming Lessons – Does It Matter?

This summer here on the blog and over on Instagram, I’ve been partnering with Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX to share all the benefits of a dedicated swim school. Today I want to talk about weekly swimming lessons and whether they make a difference.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

Weekly Swimming Lessons – Does It Matter?

A lot of summer swimming lessons revolve around the 30-minutes 4-days-a-week for 2-weeks format. If you have the time during the summer, this can be a great supplementary activity for kids.

If you’re looking for your kids to develop swimming and safety skills that will last, I would recommend looking into weekly swimming lessons like they have at Goldfish Swim School. Here are a few reasons why this format matters.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX


One of the biggest reasons we started going to swimming lessons is because I wanted my kids to be safe around the water. Even more than developing the skills to become the next great Olympic Swimmer, I want them to know what to do if they fall into a pool – how to swim to the side and climb out of the pool.

Of course we live in Dallas, Texas, which means there are pool parties every week during the summer. As a mom of two kids, I am vigilant about keeping a close eye (and hand) on my kids when we’re at the pool, but I know accidents can happen.

When they practice skills like rolling over to float on their backs, turning to find the wall, swimming to the wall, and climbing out each week. Those skills are getting engraved into them until they become muscle memory. That kind of repetition over time is invaluable when learning safety skills.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

Consistent Teachers

As an adult, you are more likely to know and trust someone you see week after week. Kids feel the same way! I have been so impressed with the quality and consistency of teachers at Goldfish Swim School. It’s obvious that the teachers aren’t high schoolers who took a short training course to be certified to teach swimming lessons for the summer.

These are dedicated teachers who really care about seeing your kids progress. At the end of each lesson, they will have something for your child to work on throughout the week. They remember their strengths and weaknesses from week to week and help them improve.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Flexible Make Up Schedule

If you’re paying for swimming lessons, you really want to get the most out of your time and funds. Unlike a quick summer swim session, Goldfish Swim School has a very flexible schedule where you can make up classes or change class times as long as you’re enrolled in their program.

As a mom, I can say that makes it so much easier than making sure we’re free for two whole weeks at a time during the summer.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

These are just a few of the reasons weekly lessons have made such a difference for our family this summer. If you want to find out more about the benefits of weekly swimming lessons and Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX, check out their website and following them on Instagram.


Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

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