Celebrating at Medieval Times

Thank you to Medieval Times for having us out for a fantastic evening.

Lords and Ladies, welcome to the majesty, royalty, and splendor of Medieval Times!

If your family loves being whisked away to magical lands and faraway times, you’ll love spending an exciting evening at Medieval Times. Full of princesses and knights, falcons and horses, jousting and sword fighting, there is never a dull moment inside the castle.

We have two birthdays during the month of February in our family and going to Medieval Times is one of our favorite way to celebrate in Dallas.

Arriving at the CastleMedieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (1 of 21)

You’ll be asked to arrive at the castle 75 minutes prior to show time. Seats are first come, first served, and most shows sell out. While there’s not a bad seat in the house, if you want to be front and center, arrive early!

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (2 of 21)

When you arrive, you’ll be assigned a seat and a color section.

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (3 of 21)Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (7 of 21)

You’ll get a crown and the opportunity to take photos with the princess and the king. You can even dress up, if you’d like. 

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (5 of 21)

There’s plenty to do while you wait to be admitted into the show. Our favorite thing to do is to watch the horses in their stalls. They really are beautiful animals. They also have some knights available for photos and sometimes the falconer will bring out the falcon.

They have a torture museum, which is too intense for our little ones, but it can be fascinating for older kids who are learning about the medieval period in school.

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (6 of 21)

About 30 minutes before the show starts, they will do some special presentations for birthdays and other celebrations and 15 minutes prior to show time, you’re allowed to enter the arena.

The Meal

The meal is really delicious! It’s “chicken on the bone” as my 3 and 5 year old call it – which is really nicely seasoned roasted chicken. They also offer potatoes, corn, soup, toast, and dessert. 

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (16 of 21)

Of course, it’s served just like the medieval days, which means no silverware! (They do have wet napkins, though, which are a life saver!) That’s not much different from a normal evening at our house – does anyone have any tips for getting a 3 and 5 year old to use their silverware normally!?

Medieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (12 of 21)

They also serve Pepsi, Unsweet Tea, and Lemonade to drink.

The Show

The show is really beautifully done – a full 90 minutes of entertainment. You’ll hoot and holler for your knight while shouting “boooooo” at the other team’s knights. I don’t want to spoil too much, so you can be surprised when you visit, but it is a great time!

Special Offer

We love celebrating birthdays, holidays, and everything in between at Medieval Times and I know you will love it, too. Find out more about the Dallas castle and purchase tickets by clicking here:


You can save 40% on Adult tickets and 20% on kid’s tickets using code USF4020. (Offer not valid in Scottsdale, AZ. Valid through 9/30/2020. Restrictions may apply.)

You can also enter to win a family four pack of tickets to the castle – just click this link and follow the instructions:


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