10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Grow Your Blog from #BloggyBootCamp


10 Ways to Grow Your Blog #BloggyBootCampThis last week I got to attend #BloggyBootCamp, which is a blog conference held by the Swag Group just north of Dallas in McKinney. The networking was incredible and the speakers were so practical. It seems like a lot of advice and education in blogging is more theoretical or impractical, but we got some actionable tasks that we can implement today.

If you are a blogger, here are some some of the best things I took away from the conference that you can get started on right now:

5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Grow Your Blog from #BloggyBootCamp

1. Create a Short Video for Your About Page

Video is everywhere right now! Even if you’re not that comfortable in front of the camera, easily connect with your readers (and brands) by introducing yourself and your blog in a short (less than one minute) video for your ‘About Me’ page.

2. Get on Periscope

This is the second blog conference I have been to in a row that has highlighted the importance of Periscope. They are currently the fastest growing social platform and they won’t be slowing down any time soon. If you’re brand new, just grab your username and find other bloggers to follow to scope out the scene. If you’re ready to start making videos (or scopes), here are a few tips:

  • Don’t make it all about you – Periscope is more of an interactive community than a static audience.
  • Cross promote your Periscope by dropping hints on other social media sites.
  • Broadcast consistently (every Monday at 9:00am) to gain a loyal following.
  • Save your scopes using Katch.me to repurpose them for YouTube and Facebook.
  • The sweet spot for a scope is 12-18 minutes including a welcome (for live viewers and replay viewers), introduction, quality content, engagement with your audience, and a recap.

3. Focus on What Works for You

Everyone’s audience is different. If your readers aren’t on Twitter, don’t waste your limited time trying to figure it out. Focus on one or two networks that you can use to connect with your audience and become an expert in those platforms.

4. Study Your Analytics

WordPress, Facebook, and Pinterest all provide robust analytics and insights into your audience. Look through your top 10 posts and use those to create new content and promote your old content that is doing well. You can also discover when your audience is online and post during those peek times.

5. Post Consistently

Posting consistently on your blog is how you let search engines know you are an active site. The same is true for social media. Every platform (and audience) is different, but here are some rough guidelines for how often to post on each platform:

  • Facebook: Once every hour or two while your audience is online (use analytics to discover those times)
  • Pinterest: Between 80-100 pins per week
  • Instagram: Once a day (Do NOT use this like Facebook – only post your best photos or risk driving your audience away)
  • Twitter: Post all day, every day!

6. Change the Way Your Use Pinterest

Pinterest is primarily a search engine, not a social network, so you need to make sure your pins are formatted to be seen by search:

  • The images that are clicked the most are vertical photos 800-1200 pixels high with text overlays.
  • Write creative descriptions 50-250 filled with key words, but not hashtags.
  • Use analytics to find your top 5 pins and add to their description.
  • Follow Power Pinners (lots of boards and over 10,000 followers) to how people are using Pinterest well.
  • If you haven’t already, get rich pins.

7. Figure Out if a Content Schedulers Right for You

Programs like Coschedule can help schedule your blog content (honestly, I couldn’t live without it!), while Tailwind and Board Booster can help schedule your Pinterest pins.

8. Add Affiliate Links to Your Top Posts

Using Google Webmaster Tools, discover the top 10 posts on your blond add affiliate links to those posts. There are dozens of affiliate companies to work with, but a few popular networks are Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareaSale, and ejunkie.

9. Use Target as Your Content Calendar

It sounds crazy, but for bloggers, Christmas is over by mid-December. Of course, bloggers will still be publishing holiday content, but the majority of Christmas posts should already be done. If you regularly visit Target or any major store, you can determine which content to publish based on their displays. When they start advertising for Valentine’s Day in January, you know you should be thinking about Valentine’s day too.

10. Find Blogger Income Reports

Some fabulous bloggers publish income reports. You can use these to discover other ways you can earn revenue. There’s an unspoken myth that bloggers are like magicians and should never share their secrets, but when more bloggers succeed, it is better for the blogging industry as a whole. Don’t be afraid to be transparent and benefit from other’s transparency. Here are some of my favorite income reports:

10 Ways to Grow Your Blog #BloggyBootCamp

The day was so packed with great information, this is really just the beginning of what we learned, but I hope you can implement some of these 10 Actionable Tasks to Grow Your Blog! What else would you add to this list? Share it in the comments below!