Celebrating at Medieval Times

Thank you to Medieval Times for having us out for a fantastic evening.

Lords and Ladies, welcome to the majesty, royalty, and splendor of Medieval Times!

If your family loves being whisked away to magical lands and faraway times, you’ll love spending an exciting evening at Medieval Times. Full of princesses and knights, falcons and horses, jousting and sword fighting, there is never a dull moment inside the castle.

We have two birthdays during the month of February in our family and going to Medieval Times is one of our favorite way to celebrate in Dallas.

Arriving at the CastleMedieval Times - The Dallas Mom 2020 (1 of 21)

You’ll be asked to arrive at the castle 75 minutes prior to show time. Seats are first come, first served, and most shows sell out. While there’s not a bad seat in the house, if you want to be front and center, arrive early!

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When you arrive, you’ll be assigned a seat and a color section.

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You’ll get a crown and the opportunity to take photos with the princess and the king. You can even dress up, if you’d like. 

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There’s plenty to do while you wait to be admitted into the show. Our favorite thing to do is to watch the horses in their stalls. They really are beautiful animals. They also have some knights available for photos and sometimes the falconer will bring out the falcon.

They have a torture museum, which is too intense for our little ones, but it can be fascinating for older kids who are learning about the medieval period in school.

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About 30 minutes before the show starts, they will do some special presentations for birthdays and other celebrations and 15 minutes prior to show time, you’re allowed to enter the arena.

The Meal

The meal is really delicious! It’s “chicken on the bone” as my 3 and 5 year old call it – which is really nicely seasoned roasted chicken. They also offer potatoes, corn, soup, toast, and dessert. 

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Of course, it’s served just like the medieval days, which means no silverware! (They do have wet napkins, though, which are a life saver!) That’s not much different from a normal evening at our house – does anyone have any tips for getting a 3 and 5 year old to use their silverware normally!?

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They also serve Pepsi, Unsweet Tea, and Lemonade to drink.

The Show

The show is really beautifully done – a full 90 minutes of entertainment. You’ll hoot and holler for your knight while shouting “boooooo” at the other team’s knights. I don’t want to spoil too much, so you can be surprised when you visit, but it is a great time!

Special Offer

We love celebrating birthdays, holidays, and everything in between at Medieval Times and I know you will love it, too. Find out more about the Dallas castle and purchase tickets by clicking here:


You can save 40% on Adult tickets and 20% on kid’s tickets using code USF4020. (Offer not valid in Scottsdale, AZ. Valid through 9/30/2020. Restrictions may apply.)

You can also enter to win a family four pack of tickets to the castle – just click this link and follow the instructions:


Weekly Swimming Lessons – Does It Matter?

This summer here on the blog and over on Instagram, I’ve been partnering with Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX to share all the benefits of a dedicated swim school. Today I want to talk about weekly swimming lessons and whether they make a difference.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

Weekly Swimming Lessons – Does It Matter?

A lot of summer swimming lessons revolve around the 30-minutes 4-days-a-week for 2-weeks format. If you have the time during the summer, this can be a great supplementary activity for kids.

If you’re looking for your kids to develop swimming and safety skills that will last, I would recommend looking into weekly swimming lessons like they have at Goldfish Swim School. Here are a few reasons why this format matters.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX


One of the biggest reasons we started going to swimming lessons is because I wanted my kids to be safe around the water. Even more than developing the skills to become the next great Olympic Swimmer, I want them to know what to do if they fall into a pool – how to swim to the side and climb out of the pool.

Of course we live in Dallas, Texas, which means there are pool parties every week during the summer. As a mom of two kids, I am vigilant about keeping a close eye (and hand) on my kids when we’re at the pool, but I know accidents can happen.

When they practice skills like rolling over to float on their backs, turning to find the wall, swimming to the wall, and climbing out each week. Those skills are getting engraved into them until they become muscle memory. That kind of repetition over time is invaluable when learning safety skills.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

Consistent Teachers

As an adult, you are more likely to know and trust someone you see week after week. Kids feel the same way! I have been so impressed with the quality and consistency of teachers at Goldfish Swim School. It’s obvious that the teachers aren’t high schoolers who took a short training course to be certified to teach swimming lessons for the summer.

These are dedicated teachers who really care about seeing your kids progress. At the end of each lesson, they will have something for your child to work on throughout the week. They remember their strengths and weaknesses from week to week and help them improve.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Flexible Make Up Schedule

If you’re paying for swimming lessons, you really want to get the most out of your time and funds. Unlike a quick summer swim session, Goldfish Swim School has a very flexible schedule where you can make up classes or change class times as long as you’re enrolled in their program.

As a mom, I can say that makes it so much easier than making sure we’re free for two whole weeks at a time during the summer.

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

These are just a few of the reasons weekly lessons have made such a difference for our family this summer. If you want to find out more about the benefits of weekly swimming lessons and Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX, check out their website and following them on Instagram.


Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton, TX

5 Things to Do in Dallas when the Kids are Out of School

5 Things to Do in Dallas when Kids are Out of School

School’s out for summer! Of course, that means there are about 100 days of summer vacation to fill.

Now, I have no problem letting my kids get bored. Most of their summer days are spent making up things to do on their own. They might build a pirate ship out of sand in the backyard, make a puppet show with scraps of paper, or crate a band out of everything they can get their hands on in my kitchen.

But sometimes the Texas sun has us stuck indoors for days on end and we get a bit of cabin fever. It’s times like these I love living in Dallas because there is no shortage of fabulous things to do. Here are our Top 5 Cabin Fever Remedies.

Top 5 Things to Do in Dallas when the Kids are Out of School

Rosemeade Rainforest Aquatic Complex

There are tons of ways to get wet, but our top pick gives you a lot of bang for your buck! Just north of Dallas proper, you will the Rosemeade Rainforest Aquatic Complex. For less than $10, your kids can spend an entire day at the pool.

5 Things to Do in Dallas when Kids are Out of SchoolI love that there is something for everyone – from the littlest kiddos who can play in the one-foot-deep splash area to the most daring pre-teen who can dive off the diving boards and ride a few waterslides. Moms will love that there’s plenty of shade and a convenient parking lot that isn’t a mile away.

Dallas Zoo

This year for Easter, we chose to forego the plastic baskets full of chocolate and instead get our family season passes to the Dallas Zoo. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. We’ve already been several times this year and on our last visit we got to see a baby tiger, a baby elephant, and the brand new hippo exhibit.

5 Things to Do in Dallas when Kids are Out of SchoolIn addition to the exhibits and programs, they have a great little kids area with a petting zoo and a stream they can splash in.

5 Things to Do in Dallas when Kids are Out of SchoolThe best part? The incredible naps my kids took when we got home!

Mayor’s Summer Reading Program

Learning doesn’t have to stop while the kids are out of school. The Dallas Public Library has a fantastic summer reading program that will draw kids in with prizes and keep them reading all summer long. This summer, kids can earn free books and prizes like tickets to a Mavs game, the Dallas Zoo, or Dallas Children’s Theater.

Coppell Farmer’s Market

Of course, there are dozens of Farmer’s Markets throughout DFW. Some of the best are the Dallas Farmer’s Market and White Rock Lake Market. But we have found a gem in the Coppell Farmer’s Market.

Coppell Farmer's Market - 5 Things to Do in Dallas when Kids are Out of SchoolWe love it because I can visit the Farmer’s Market then the kids can play on the playground and on the splash pad – it’s a win for everyone!

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

I don’t think I will ever stop singing the Perot Museum’s praises. Filled with hands-on activities and educational experiences, kids of all ages will burn energy and use their brains.

5 Things to Do in Dallas when Kids are Out of SchoolSome of our favorite parts of the museum are the Engineering and Innovation Hall and the Children’s Museum in the basement. If you have littles don’t miss the sand pit outside the Children’s Museum where mini paleontologists can dig for dinosaur bones.

5 Things to Do in Dallas when Kids are Out of School

Those are our family’s Top 5 Things to Do in Dallas when the kids are out of school! Did I miss your favorite? Share it in the comments below!


Goldfish Swim School – Carrollton, TX – What Makes Them Different?

In only three months, my 5-year-old daughter has gone from being afraid to blow bubbles in the bathtub to swimming under water by herself. Goldfish Swim School has completely changed the way she acts in the water and I just have to share!

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - DFW Swimming Lessons - The Dallas Mom

I know how important it is to teach my kids safety in and around the water. I have always wanted them to learn to swim both for fun and for their own protection. When Goldfish Swim School reached out to partner with me to showcase their first school in the DFW area, I was so excited. And they have definitely exceeded my expectations.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Every staff member, from the swim instructors to the ladies working the front desk, have been kind and helpful each week. If you miss a lesson and need to make it up, they are happy to help. If you have a question about your child’s progress, they will take a moment to chat with you about what you can work on at home.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

When you first start swimming lessons, your child will be evaluated to see which class they should join. They’ll also give you a checklist of skills to work on any time you are in the water – things like getting comfortable wearing goggles under water.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Then you’ll come in for a 30-minute class each week in their heated 90-degree pool. (If you’ve ever tried to do swimming lessons in a cold pool, you KNOW what a big difference that makes!).

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Right now they offer classes Tuesday and Thursday morning and evening and throughout the day on the weekends. They offer different classes at each time slot so even if you have two kids you are trying to coordinate, they will have classes that fit your schedule.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

We have experienced both the mommy-and-me classes for the littlest swimmers and the traditional classes with a few students paired with a teacher. Both formats have been wonderful and it’s obvious the teachers are highly trained to work with kids in the water.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

In three months, my daughter (age five) has learned to hold her breath under water, swim a short distance under water, and float on her back just to name a few skills. My son (age 2.5) know that he needs to turn back towards the wall once he comes in the water, he has learned how to crawl along the wall, and he has overcome his fear of having water on his head.

These may seem like small steps, but they are huge strides for my kids. Each week they are so excited to show me what they’ve learned during the last five minutes of class (during “parent showcase” time).

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Aside from the perfectly heated pool and the phenomenal instructors who get real results, they have amenities that make it easy to go to swimming lessons. When’s the last time you thought it was easy to go to swimming lessons!?

When you come in, they have cubbies for all your gear and distractions for siblings who aren’t in lessons like books, coloring, TV, and even a chalk wall. There is also plenty of room for parent observation.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

They also have showers with tear-free soap for rinsing off after lessons, changing rooms that include a baby seat (as well as a diaper changing station for babies), and family bathrooms to make changing easy.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Then they have a few features that are just above and beyond what you would expect purely to make a parent’s life easier. They have swimsuit drying stations (so you don’t have to carry a dripping wet swimsuit home in your bag) and a hair drying station with a bench that looks like a surfboard.

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

The biggest reason we love Goldfish is because when we had tried swimming lessons in the past, there were tears and fits every single time we drove to lessons.

When we walk into Goldfish with their tropical decor, friendly staff, fun lessons, and extras to make my life easier, there are only smiles. We walk out and my kiddos are asking when they can come to swimming lessons again. That’s what I call a mom win!

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - The Dallas Mom

Find out more about Goldfish Swim School by visiting their website and following them on Instagram.

Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School Carrollton, TX - DFW Swimming Lessons - The Dallas Mom